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No Cross Sponsoring of distributorship shall be allowed.

"Cross Sponsoring" in this context means
  • a. Signing up an existing distributor from another group.
    b. Signing up the wife when husband is already a distributor or vice-versa.
    c. Signing up under another sponsor to operate his/her distributorship where his/her distributorship is still valid.
    d. Allowing other people or relative to use his/her distributorship do business.
    e. If son or unmarried daughter joins the Business with their own id but their line of sponsorship is not under their family* id, then such a case will be treated as Cross Sponsoring and the id taken by son/unmarried daughter will be terminated.
Same will apply for any of the family member not joining under their son/unmarried daughter's line of sponsorship

In the event of Cross Sponsoring the following action shall be taken:
  • I) If the complaint is received after more than 6 months of a distributor having taken another id, the same will not be entertained. On receipt of such complaint, the Company will terminate one of the id's of the distributor, which ever may be deem fit, and the network will remain with the active ID.

    II) If the company received complaint within 6 months of Cross Sponsoring, the Company will terminate the second ID of the distributor and the network developed under the second ID will move up the next higher distributor as a result of second ID being terminated.
However if the investigations, reveal that any of the IDs registered was in a manner which the management finds out is not ethical/without the knowledge of the distributor then Company will terminate any of the IDs which they deem fit and the network of terminated ID will move up to the next higher distributor and the company will take action against the distributor who got the ID registered in unethical manner.

The Company reserves the right terminate the offending distributor at its own discretion and withhold bonus payments of the offending distributor till final settlement takes place.

The Company's decision in the above case will be final.

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